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VW T5, T6 V2 Transporter Side Loading Door Step 17mm Extra Deep (B-Grade)

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  • B-Grade means there are small hairline scratches from storage. This is brand new and never been fitted.
  • 17mm Higher Than Original
  • Will Sit Above Flooring
  • High Quality Plastic

Side Loading Door Step Extra deep 17mm V2 (Version 2) B- GRADE

For Volkswagen T6 Transporter (2015 - mid 2019 - SWB & LWB)

You are purchasing a BRAND NEW VW T6 Side Loading Door Step, with extra 17mm higher than original step. This extra 17mm will allow steps to sit above your flooring hiding any unwanted cuts from your conversion. These steps are made to OEM standard on fitting and quality. The flexible plastic will allow the step to flex into place neatly.

Attention: This is a B-Grade listing for this item. Meaning that there are slight imperfections with this product. These are likely to be small scratches caused by storage. Since these are steps that will normally get scratched anyway you might not notice after a small while installed as scratched naturally form on this product with use.

Product features

  • Made from High Quality PLASTIC.
  • Updated design using extra 17mm height because the original item was designed to sit on the van floor without flooring boards.
  • It is a very strong and durable product.
  • You will not find any differences in quality between the genuine and Van-x product.

Fitting and Configuration

  • Very easy and simple to fit in a matter of moments.
  • They simply fit in to the area where you have removed your old side loading door step.
  • For extra security you can also bond them on or put 2 screws in the top for personal preference.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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