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MAN TGE / New Crafter Maxi-Cab Divider Curtain Kit Campervan Conversion

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For MAN TGE / New Shape Crafter

You are purchasing a BRAND NEW set of Cab Divider / Bulkhead Curtains for the above vehicle. The Cab Divider curtains are single material. It is ideal to protect your privacy when you are in your vehicle, at the campsite, or for everyday use. The material is thicker and heavier. All the cab divider curtains are machine cut and hand stitched. It is specially designed for use in the luxury automotive industry and is used in coaches for their curtains and other fabric items. Our Cab Divider's material is single layer and are not fully black-out. You may see a shadow coming through but you cannot see inside.

Product features

  • Colour Options: Black, Grey and Blue.
  • Maximum drop length: 210cm.
  • Aluminium rails approximately 145cm.
  • Single layer privacy material but not black-out.
  • The bottom of the curtain is free-hanging.

Fitting & Configuration

We supply special rivets so you can hang these rails from anywhere on the roof-lining, you don't have to drill into the metalwork, we believe these are the best rails on the market. The curtains come as two big pieces, which join in the middle.

  • The curtains will also come with a full fitting instructions link.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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