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VW T5.1 Transporter Front Sportline Spoiler + Splitter T5-X Styling

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  • Modified spoiler.
  • Fits same as OEM Part.
  • Includes Fog light Blanking plates.

Front Sportline Spoiler + Splitter T5-X Styling

For Volkswagen T5.1 Transporter To T6

You are purchasing our Brand New Design From Van-X Front Sportline Spoiler plus Fog Light Trims for the VW T5.1.

This spoiler has been modified from the OEM Design. It has been upgraded on the height and width. Unlike other spoilers on the market Van-X T5-X Spoiler doesn't stick out like the OEM or after market/replicas. This is the only spoiler on the market that has used injection technology, this allows sharper lines and a more elegant look.

The lower trims on this spoiler are removable and made from ABS, so can be easily removed and painted in any colour of your choice or any VW Colours.

No tooling or modifications required. This spoiler has honeycomb mesh built in between the spoiler and the lower lip.

Our Sportline spoiler has built in number/licence plate trims. This allows you to bury in the plate nicely, the way it should be!

This Spoiler will only fit to the T5-X bumper or the T6 OEM bumper.

Our T5-X Spoiler is compatible with the T6 Fog Lights. To fit these you will need to modify the washer bottle on the Passenger side only. It is very simple to modify, you need to heat up the washer bottle and reshape the bottle. Alternatively, you are able to purchase the VW T6 Washer bottle to fit. Very soon we will create a tutorial on how to heat up and reshape the washer bottle showing where to heat and press to reshape at the front only. If your vehicle doesn't have fog lights this process can be bypassed.

This spoiler will be available in VW colours such as Candy white, Reflex Silver or Deep black.

T5-X Product Features

  • Modified spoiler.
  • PUABS material.
  • Fits same as OEM Part.
  • Elegant Look.
  • Many Features.
  • Upgraded design and overall performance.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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