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VW T6.1 Transporter Front Doors Entry Guards (Set of 2)

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  • Set of 2
  • Easy Installation
  • Protects Vehicle Steps
  • High Quality ABS Plastic

Kick Step Entry Guards (SET OF 2)

For Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter

You are Purchasing a Brand New Side Set Guards For VW T6.1. This product is made from strong ABS Plastic and is designed to protect the step paintwork of your van. It also adds a good design in addition to its functionality. These step guards are very easy to fit using the provided 3M adhesive tape with no damage to the paintwork. It's so easy you can do it yourself.

Product features

  • OEM Quality made by injection moulding.
  • Made from high-quality ABS PLASTIC.
  • The product finish is to OEM standard and the colour will not fade, change or deform in any condition used.
  • Designed to protect your vehicle step's from any damage, dirt or grime.
  • Very easy to maintain and clean

Fitting and Configuration

  • You will receive a BRAND NEW Set of 2 Transporter Side Set Guards through the post.
  • Very easy to fit onto the vehicle within minutes using the supplied 3M tape to ensure a secure fit.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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