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VW T6 Threshold Screw Cap Covers and Screws Set of 6 Oem Quality

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  • Set of 6 Screws
  • Specifically Designed To Fit Our Threshold
  • Injection Molded For Extra Strength
  • Made From Strong ABS Plastic

Threshold Fitting Kit

For Volkswagen Transporter T6

You are purchasing some Brand New Threshold Screw Cap Covers Set of 6 + 6 Black Screws for VW T6.

This item is specifically designed to cover the hole of the fitting screws on the threshold. The texture on the caps are matching the texture of the original or our own made threshold cover. So they will fit in nicely as OEM.

Product features

  • Made from strong ABS Black plastic.
  • Injection moulded for extra strength. Using the same method as the original.
  • Plug & Play.

Fitting and Configuration

  • Plug & Play.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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