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VW T6 Transporter Door Card Arm Rest PU Foam

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  • Super comfy Foam Arm Rest
  • Perfect for long journeys and traffic jams
  • Water resistant foam

Door Card Arm Rest Foam

VW T6 Transporter (2016 -2020)

We are delighted to introduce to you our BRAND New Arm Rest Pad Covers specially designed to fit only VW T6 Transporter 2016 - 2020. These arm rests are designed with a similar texture and similar colour as the OEM door cards for the best look, fit and feel. The material used is the same material as the steering wheel.

A lot of thought and technology has been carried out to create a stable and flexibly foam for the best ergonomic feel. This foam mat is designed to help for the driver and passenger for long holiday trips or if you are stuck in traffic on your VW T5, T5.1 van, California, Caravelle, Shuttle or Campervan.

After a long trip the passenger and driver normally lay themselves on the armrest, due to uncomfortable door card on the VW T6. We all know how hard and uncomfortable the door card plastic can feel. We created this foam to solve this feeling and numb arms. You might think this is an ordinary foam, but it isn't! The material, look and fabric in this foam is specially designed for the automotive industry.

This is fit for VW T6 (Please note: this is not a universal product. Each foam is designed for a specific door card.). We have tested these arm rest foams on VW T vans and campervans for many months and many thousands of miles. The result of these tests show these undoubtably improve the level of comfort on any journey. You wouldn't know you needed these until you have felt the high level of comfort!

To fit this arm rest foam you don't require any modification of any kind. You simply peel the pre-attached 3M Tape and heat it up with either a hair dryer or heat gun, position it in the correct location and press. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying.

Product features

  • Van-X ODM
  • High Quality foam and adhesive 3M tape
  • Great for long journeys and traffic jams
  • Maximum comfort
  • Newest Product For VW T6
  • Easy to clean

Fitting and Configuration

  • You will receive a set of 2 Door Arm Rests. Simply peel adhesive tape and attach to van.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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