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VW T6 Transporter Front Sportline Spoiler (PRIMER)ideal home build DIY conversion

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  • Modified spoiler.
  • Fits same as OEM Part.
  • Includes Fog light Blanking plates.

Front Bumper Sportline Style Spoiler in Primer

We are delighted to introduce our latest product accessories for vw transporter van.

This front spoiler to fit T6 high-line bumpers ONLY.

This vw Spoiler has been modified from the original, it has been modified on height, width and each line has been changed and upgraded. It may look similar other ones but the size and trims are changed. This spoiler has been made with injection mould technology, it is NOT Vacuum or fibreglass.

Our vw T6 spoilers are available in primer colours but it easily can be painted in Deep Black, Reflex Silver and Candy White or any other colours to match your vw van T&C's apply
All the parts in the vw spoilers can be removed to be repainted to any other colour, that we don't offer, at your own discretion.

No modification is required, only a few bolts to secure it to your vw campervan. This spoiler is one of the coolest and latest accessories for the VW T6 van all models and it would make a great gift for your loved one.

Adding this latest DIY part to your transporter T6 Camper or Kombi van will make your van stand out of the crowd and complete the overall look of your vehicle and make it look 'lower'. Our Spoiler is compatible to all vw T6 coilover suspension kits T6 spoilers suits for use commercially or tuning like a lot of people use in lowdown T6.

This Spoiler will be provided with towing eye cap and blanking plates for the fog lights as standard.

The T6 fog light blanking plates can be removed if you have fog lights on you T6. If you don't then you can keep them in place for a nicer finish.

Another unique part of our T6 spoiler is the honeycomb mesh we have added in the gap to the lower surface, to give the lower lip a connection to the body like you would see on most sport vans

Also, on the side of this product, we have modified the T6 grille trim ratio/lines to match the top surface, so both fog light trims are in the same line and matching. This is a very niche touch, that you can't find from other suppliers. The T6 number plate trim is built into the spoiler to give an OEM and elegant detail.

There are a lot more small details you will notice on this our T6 accessories

Product Features

  • Modified from original.
  • PUABS material.
  • Fits same as OEM Part.
  • Elegant Look.
  • Many Features.
  • Upgraded design and overall performance.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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